How to Rack Up Frequent Flyer Miles - Frequent Traveler 101

Everything you need to know about how travel loyalty programs work and how to maximize your miles and points.

Kerwin McKenzie

Kerwin is an ex-airline employee who helps travelers maximize their travel dollars with a view to improving their travel experience. Kerwin has worked for 4 major U.S. airlines (Delta, ATA, Continental and United) in his 14.5 years airline career.

He's visited over 145 territories and countries and 108 UN countries and flown over 184 airlines. He typically flies about 200,000 miles a year and has elite status at American Airlines, Delta Air lines, United Airlines, Hilton, IHG and Marriott.

Course Summary

Learn about the basics of travel loyalty programs (airline, hotels)
Over 82 lessons on the inner workings of travel loyalty programs:
- Major Airline Alliances
- How To Earn Miles/Points
- How To Redeem Miles/Points
- How To Transfer Miles/Points
- Which airlines are not members of larger Alliances, but you can still redeem your miles with them
- Credit Card Offers
- How To Access Airport Lounges

And so much more, take a look at the Course Curriculum below for more details.

Course Curriculum

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